Preparing for an Infant MRI Visit

We aim to make you and your child as comfortable as possible before and during the MRI session, and we encourage you to participate! Your cooperation in preparing your child before the study will help the day of your study go smoothly and quickly.

On the day of the study, our goal is to help your child fall asleep naturally, so that he/she will be able to lie still while we take pictures of his/her brain.

Sometimes the noises from the MRI machine can wake sleeping children up. Prior to the study visit, we will email you a link with the MRI sounds. We ask that you play it while your child is asleep, during bedtime and nap time, in order to help him/her become accustomed to the noise before study day.

what to expect on study day

If your child has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, bring them along on study day. However, please make sure that there is no metal beforehand, or else it cannot go in the MRI room.

Do not worry what you or your child wear on the day of the study as we will have you change into metal-free scrubs before entering the MRI room.

Once we are ready to begin the imaging session, we will take you to our prep room where we will try to mimic your child’s normal bedtime routine as closely as possible. 

Once your child is asleep, he/she will be safely transported to and placed in the MRI. You are welcome to stay inside the MRI room with your child throughout the study! We will outfit your child with padded headphones and special ear guards to block out the noise from the brain camera.

Your child will be inside the brain camera for about an hour. During this time, your child will be promptly taken out of the brain camera if he/she wakes up at any time, or if you want us to stop the study for any reason. 

Your child’s brain images will be reviewed by a pediatric neuroradiologist. In the extremely rare event that there are any abnormal findings, we will contact you immediately.

Don’t worry! Children can sense their parents’ anxiety. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to speak with you!