Scale study

What is the relationship between music and reading? How can research on speech and music help people with developmental dyslexia and other reading disabilities? We are looking for children ages 9-12 with and without musical training, and with and without dyslexia, to answer such questions. For more information, please contact us!

The SCALE-MED Study, or "Speech Cognitive Abilities and Literacy Explored in those with and without Musical Experience and Dyslexia," involves activities and computer games that can tell us about your child's speech, language, reading, and musical abilities. Your participation will help scientists interested in improving teaching methods and early diagnosis of learning difficulties, specifically highlighting musical training as a remediation tool for kids with reading difficulties.

Current research has elucidated the many overlapping features across music and speech. Specifically, phonological abilities - such as rhyming, blending, sound isolation, and segmentation - have been associated with various perceptual music skills and musical abilities. Music-based intervention has resulted in improved phonological processing and speech segmentation in typically developing school-age children, as well as struggling readers.