Why participate
in this research?

Your help will be invaluable to families and scientists interested in reading, language and cognitive development, early diagnosis of learning disabilities and improvement of teaching methods. Your child will receive a gift certificate for a local bookstore and a small toy to take home after each session. You will be reimbursed for transportation to the assessment location and for the cost of parking.

Is my child eligible for your studies?

The participation criteria vary from study to study. Please see our Research pages to check whether your child qualifies for a specific study. Please note that even if your child doesn’t qualify for one of our current studies, he/she may qualify for the future studies. If you are not sure whether your child meets criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact us

What if I no longer want to participate in a study?

Your child's participation in our research is completely voluntary. You have the right to withdraw your child at any time. Your choice of whether or not to have your child participate will not affect your current or future interactions with Boston Children's Hospital. If, during the course of this research study, there are new findings that might affect your willingness to be involved with the study, we will inform you of those findings.

What exactly is a brain scanner?

The complicated name for 'brain camera' or 'brain scanner' is 'functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging' (fMRI). It mainly uses magnets and computers to take pictures of the brain. However, for the pictures to be clear, your child will have to lie very still while the camera is working. MRI is completely safe and painless. You and your child will only notice that we are taking pictures of his/her brain because the scanner makes a knocking and beeping sound. Therefore, your child’s ears will be protected by earplugs.

Do you have other questions? Please contact us!