Screening for Reading Impairments


As a research lab, we do not provide screening and diagnosis of dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities. We acknowledge the importance of screening and early intervention and have provided helpful screening tools and advice.

Early Literacy Screening Tools

We compiled a list of available screeners for dyslexia and early literacy in one document. You can find different tabs for pre-readers and early readers, as well as which screeners are validated/peer-reviewed.


dyslexia resource packet

We created a Dyslexia Resource Packet that includes recommended readings, websites, and contact information for Massachusetts learning disability professionals. We provide resources on advocacy and access, homework helpers, educational games, and more.


Clinical resources at boston children’s hospital

Learning Disability Clinic

  • phone: (617) 355-6388

  • Offers evaluation of school functioning: cognitive, academic, behavioral and social development

  • Provides a multi-disciplinary approach: neurology, neuropsychology, psychology, speech and language, mathematics

Developmental Medicine Center

  • phone: (617) 355-7025

  • Offers evaluation and treatment of developmental and behavioral disorders